back to school studying tips & tricks!

Hey, y’all! I hope everyone is having a great day πŸ™‚ This Monday I am going into my 3rd week of school… and on my Blog Update Post I asked if y’all wanted me to make a “back to school studying tips” blog post and multiple people told me they would like me to make one, so here it is!! FYI- I am enrolled in ALL honors and AP classes, AND I run cross country, so after school, I am VERY busy… From my hard course load and busy after school schedule, I have learned some tips and tricks to studying and I am going to tell all of them to you during this blog post!!

Tip #1:

Ask questions right away, before your teacher moves onto another subject, and before you forget what you had a question about! If your teacher will not allow you to ask a question immediately, then have a pen and notepad out and write down your question so you can ask your teacher it later πŸ™‚

Tip #2:

USE AN AGENDA!! I cannot stress the importance of writing down your homework, tests, projects, quizzes, and after school activities down. I used to just think I could remember all of my assignments in my head, but I now know that it is much easier to just write things down in my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda and go back and look at my homework assignments each night in my agenda! I keep my Lilly Agenda in my backpack, and bring it to school with me everyday!!


Tip #3:

I use one 3 inch binder for all of my classes and I have a VERY helpful tip that I started using in middle school and I cannot imagine surviving school without it! So basically in the front of my binder, I have a folder, and in that folder any homework I receive throughout the day, I put in the folder. I have found that having a “homework” folder in the front of my binder has helped me so much with staying organized and on top of my homework assignments!


Trick #1

I know that it is hard to stay focused while studying, and when you need to study you can think of a million other things you want to do instead of studying, but hopefully this trick will help you stay focused while studying! While studying you HAVE to keep yourself alert. Sometimes when I am studying I get tired or bored and start losing focus on the material that I am trying to study. Therefore, I am not really benefiting from my studying because I am pretty much zoned out. Whenever this happens to you here is what I recommend doing, stop studying and grab a snack, get on your phone for a few minutes (set a timer for 10 minutes, and then get off your phone and get back to studying!!), or just do a few jumping jacks to wake yourself up!

Trick #2

Another studying trick that I use, is rewarding myself for studying. For example, I will tell myself that once I finish studying for English, I can go downstairs and have a bowl of ice cream! This trick really helps me get my studying done, and I hope it helps you too!

Trick #3

My final studying trick is one that I use all the time for my math classes. So whenever I have homework in math I do not understand, or a question about something that will be on one of my math tests, I will facetime one of my friends in my math class! We will then work out math problems together, and go over material that will be on our test. This is one of my most favorite studying tricks I know and I hope you will try it out!


Thank you for reading my studying tips and tricks blog post, and let me know if any of these tips and tricks helped you! Also, if you know anymore studying tips and tricks be sure to comment down below and let me know because I would love to know them! Thanks again for reading, and have a wonderful day!! πŸ™‚


29 thoughts on “back to school studying tips & tricks!

  1. jennifergailwrites says:

    Love! I have another tip to add. When I was in junior high, we were required to associate our classes with specific color folders/binders/notebooks, etc. I carried that with me all through high school too! It was the best thing I’ve ever done to stay organized. This way when you’re running from class to class you can always grab the right color folder for that class and always have the right one with you! πŸ™‚

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