What’s In My Backpack 2016?

Hey y’all and welcome to the Simply Southern Sparkle blog!! In today’s blog I am going to be telling/showing you what is inside my backpack for school 2016! If you didn’t already know I am going to be a sophomore in high school and I thought it would be fun to show you what I am going to be bringing with me to school everyday 🙂

So obviously, to start off a “what’s in my backpack” I need to show you my backpack! My backpack for this school year is The North Face Women’s Surge Transit! I love it so far! It is much larger than my North Face backpack I had last year, which is great because last year I didn’t have enough room to hold all of my school supplies.north face back pack The next thing that I keep in my backpack for school is one of my favorite school supplies items! It is my Lilly Pulitzer Planner! I use my planner everyday to write down my homework assignments and tests.Lilly_Pulitzer_Lovers_Coral_2017_Large_Agenda_

Next up in my backpack is my Swell Water Bottle! I highly recommend getting a Swell water bottle, they hold ice all day long!kitchen-Swell-Pink-Bikini

The next items in my backpack are my binder, pens, and pencilspencils!binderpens

Next in my backpack I have my phone, I have the Iphone 6!


And the last, but not least item I have is not IN my backpack, but I thought I would still include it! It is my Vera Bradley Lunchbox!

lunch box

Thank you for looking at the Simply Southern Sparkle blog! I hope you enjoyed, comment or like this blog post if you want more back to school blog posts 🙂 Also, you can FOLLOW me on Word Press and you will be emailed every time I upload a new blog! If you have any questions you can email me at simplysouthernsparkle@gmail.com!


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