How to get FREE Preppy Stickers without an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) !!

In the past 3 months, I have collected every single sticker in the picture above! So I know you are thinking to yourself how are the stickers free? In this blog post I will explain 🙂

So basically you email whatever company you want a sticker from and you tell them how much you love the company and that you would love to advertise for the company by putting a sticker on your water bottle or laptop! Please DO NOT email a company just for a sticker if you don’t actually use the company’s products. Another way you can get free stickers is by asking the cashier when you are checking out at a local boutique (a store that sells things from company’s like Patagonia, Ribbons, and Rows, etc.) if they have any free stickers in the back! From my experience of asking a cashier for stickers, I have had pretty good luck!! In the rest of this blog, I will include how to contact the company (email or sticker request form) and pictures of the stickers I received! If you think of a company that I do not have a sticker from and you want to email them and ask for a sticker all you have to do is go to that company’s website and then go to the contact me tab and send them an email asking for stickers.  If you know of any more company’s that will send you free stickers please feel free to leave the company name in the comments, thank you for reading Simply Southern Sparkle and have a simply southern day!!

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All of the stickers you see in the picture above I received in the mail for FREE! All I did was politely email the company and they sent them to me! Here are the email addresses:


La Vie Est Belle (FYI- this is a VERY nice leather & pearl store so unless you have purchased something from there I would NOT recommend emailing them)-

Brooks Running-





Vineyard Vines(they took about 3 weeks just to respond to my email)-

Under Armour(I got on Live Chat and asked for stickers 🙂 )-

MooseJaw(I also used Live Chat on MooseJaw, click the “chat” button on the top left of the website)-

Simply Southern-

New Balance-


*Kendra Scott* sorry but the sticker somehow did not make it in the picture 😦 but if you look at the picture with all of the stickers at the top of this blog it is the small lime green one on the top left 🙂 Kendra Scott was so nice and sent me over 15 of the little stickers! service@kendrascott.comasked at store stickers

All of the stickers in the picture above I received for FREE as well 🙂 I got these stickers by asking a cashier if they had any free stickers in the back they could give me and as you can tell multiple stores had stickers!! I got all of these stickers from a total of 4 stores!!

came with purchase stickers

I also got these two stickers for…FREE! I received these two stickers with items that I bought. The Beats sticker came with my Beats and the Simply Southern Collection sticker came on the tag of my Simply Southern T-shirt I bought.

I hope y’all have an amazing week and good luck on adding to your preppy sticker collection! If you have any further questions about free preppy stickers either leave a comment and I will reply or email me at Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family and to comment if you know of anywhere else you can find free preppy stickers!

*COMMENT what you would like me to write about on my blog next and like this post if you would like me to find more FREE stickers that do not require SASE*


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